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I'm old enough to still consider the internet a new thing. If I lose my broadband connection, my life goes on because my real life does not revolve around my online life. Sadly, this is not the case for many who can experience panic attacks if they go five minutes without Tweeting or are unable to find out what their friends have done via Facebook for more than an hour.

If you want to make sure that you can inform the world what you've spread on your toast then you'll need a reliable internet connection. If you spend your free time watching Jackass mimickers on YouTube then you'll need a fast connection. If you like to watch TV on your computer ... instead of on your TV ... then you need a really fast and really reliable connection.

Personally, I live in the country so they can advertise 100mbps all they want, I still will only get 1/2 a meg if the wind is right. Asking the likely speed you'll get is very important, as is checking the forums and technology awards for broadband customer service information.

Here is a list of broadband providers and some broadband comparison services in the UK:

Broadband Comparison - Resource for comparing broadband providers in the UK specialising in fibre optic services.

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