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My daughter cringes every time I use the words "in my day" but literary aptness rarely comes around for me so I'm going to use them anyway. In my day what swayed you between phone providers was that one charged 45p per minute whilst the other charged 35p per minute. I still purchase my phones from the same standpoint: who is giving me the most useable minutes for the best price? My wife, on the other hand, is obsessed with handset colour and mega-pixels. Those two methods for seeking out a phone do not mix well which means we both have individual handsets to appease our nature and have done so for some time. Heaven bless the man who invented free calls between related handsets.

Mobile Phone Comparison

Some forgotten wisdom when buying a phone is coverage -- when I lived in Montrose, I could only make calls from my Orange phone if I left the house, climbed the stairs and stood on the garden wall. Also, when staring at £25 a month for a 12 month contract compared to a £20 a month contract for the exact same phone/plan but with a 24 month contract you should remember than in a year's time, the tariff, phone and deal you're being given will be very outdated and seem quite expensive for the remaining 12 months you're stuck with that phone. It may be better to stump up the extra cash in the first year leaving you free to upgrade your phone and plan the following year. Chances are you can switch to a new phone on the same plan as you had the previous year for £15 a month by then as prices of calls and texts fall.

Here is a list of the majority of major network providers in the UK and the best known brand names for comparing them where possible:

Geek Directory - With everyone from home shopping catalogues to local supermarkets selling mobile phones, trying to make sure you get the best deal is harder than it used to be. The Geek Directory lists the top sellers and the latest news from the mobile phone world.

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