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There are many ways to be loaned money these days. You can take out a personal loan, mortgage your house, get a credit card or a store card, get a pay day advance ... the list goes on. Despite the huge range of company names and varying services being thrown about many are all back by the same few banks. It may be advisable to check who is underwriting any loan facility you're applying for if you have been turned down before. If Lloyds TSB is doing the lending for 3 of the providers you're considering and the first turns you down, ask the adviser with the next facility if it is likely you will be turned down again.

Compare Credit Cards

Credit card providers have taken a lot of abuse over the years. Having sat through a televised witch hunt with MPs grilling several high ranking finance providers, the main argument seems to be that people consider 40% APR quite high ... who wouldn't?! But the alternative quoted by the credit facilitators was simply to not offer credit cards to people with bad credit scores. With both sides aiming to have their cake and eat it there is still a huge gulf between the products available for people with great credit scores and those who don't. Of all the advice you will see on the web, ours is to read the advertised APR, then the typical APR -- but then to phone the company up and ask what the worst case scenario APR would be! Often they are able to tell over the phone with a simple conversation where on the scale you might end up.

Here is a list of the majority of major loan, mortgage, card and other credit providers in the UK and the best known brand names for comparing them where possible:

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