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Though flicking through the web looking for the cheapest flights is still very popular and often effective, many with growing concerns (especially in uncertain economic times) now only compare the prices of holidays and flights between various well-branded and recognisable companies across the UK. Travel comparison websites are still slightly lagging in technology and comprehensiveness so you could still end up spending some time digging through brochures and phoning up firms.

Compare Flights

Although changes in insurance and legislation will make it unlikely that travellers will be stranded in foreign countries should an airline go bankrupt in the future, not knowing what else could go wrong has left people uneasy about trusting budget travel firms. Growing in popularity, is the use of comparison services to get the best deal with the provider you want rather than simply finding the best price from among different providers. Want to fly Virgin? Search for people offering discounts on Virgin flights rather than look for a cheaper airline. And for those of you who prefer flying in anything other than economy -- if you're party is small you can book at economy prices and then cross your fingers that there is a cheap upgrade when you get to the book-in desk (very early!!).

Here is a list of the majority of major travel providers for holidays and flights in the UK with the best known brand names for comparing them where possible:

LastMinute - Listing offers and deals on last minute flights, holidays, gifts and more.

No Claims Discount Travel Insurance - Travel insurers directory ranked according to popularity rather than price.

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