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Compare Gas and Electricity

Strange adverts aside, this is undoubtedly one of the best ideas to come out of the product comparing industry. Whereas electrical goods and insurance being compared are subject to many variations throughout what is provided and by whom - finding your home utilities for cheaper is a win, win for consumers from all sides.

Not only does it lower those bills we all hate by finding the cheapest provider, there is an inherent security in knowing that -- should your electric or gas supply go off -- you're not going to lose out on service! The exact same people will be responding. The only real issue seems to be if you get a really awful intermediary company that is useless at sorting out things like personal details, bill errors and repayments.

Quite common, so do get off the comparison website and check out the review forums before completing any move.

Past Gas and Electric Comparison

Although this is where it all really started, and comparing your gas and electric supplier is the bread and butter for some price comparing sites, most have branched out in to other areas.

Most will also compare mobile phone providers, landlines, insurances and credit cards. Sadly, none of them are nearly as simple as switching your power supplier. Whilst switching to another power company requires only seeing the price and whether the company is reputable, most other comparisons require reading lots of small print about contract lengths, pull-out periods, cancellation fees etc.

Treat all price comparing sites and each of their services in the same way. Just because switching providers for one service seemed quite easy and simply - requiring just a few clicks - don't get click happy and just fly through your other service switching finds.

The fact that switching your provider is so simple, though, is probably the only thing keeping electric and gas prices lower than the companies selling them would like!

Here is a list of the majority of major utility providers in the UK and the best known brand names for comparing them where possible:

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